Eleven Months

Noooo! Just one month off a year. Seems impossible. Yes, I said that already.   
Monster. That’s the best way to describe her these days. She’s really really active and really rather clever. Her wave changed this month. From opening and closing her hand to waving properly. Last night she sat for a while pulling her sleeve so her arm slipped inside her pyjamas, then she’d look at me, push her arm back out suddenly and wave! She thought it was hilarious and so did I! She waves as soon as she hears ‘hello’, ‘hi’ or ‘bye’ or whenever she sees somebody familiar.  

 Two new words this months. Three if you count calling Trev ‘Rara’ (I’m wondering if she’s trying to say Trevor?). Her first is ‘yeah’. This is how she responds if I call her from another room. It’s so funny I giggle every single time. The second is ‘wack’ which actually means ‘quack’. She says it when she hears Sarah & Duck come on the TV or when she spots her rubber duck in the bath. As well as her words, she likes to babble. Actually she talks endlessly and loudly, with frequent shrieks and lots of hilarious facial expressions.  

She spends a lot of her time standing up holding onto furniture, and has let go and remained standing briefly several times. As soon as she notices she’s not holding on her bum hits the floor though. She’ll happily walk holding onto hands or pushing things around. She uses her walker but prefers to push our stacking coffee tables.  

 This month she has lots of new favourite things she likes to do. She can spend all day moving small objects in and out of containers. I often give her collections of small things combined with some Tupperware or cups. Clothes pegs and uncooked pasta are her favourites. We have put a cat flap in our back door, and often find random objects outside on the doorstep. When she finds an object suitable for throwing through the flap she crawls at full speed to the back door. Once the object is outside she gives herself a round of applause. She’s also discovered that if she moves Seb’s dog biscuits from his food bowl to his water bowl they swell up and go squidgy. Seb doesn’t find this as amusing as Iris does.  

Her first two teeth have finally appeared, and she had quite a hard time with the first one. There was lots of dribble and tears, and a lot less sleep. She’s really gnawing on anything and everything to see how they work. She briefly lost her appetite although that’s back now. This week I thought perhaps more teeth were coming as she’s been snotty and tearful, but now she’s developed a nasty cough too so it seems it’s a cold after all.  

This month Iris has ditched all night feeds and her morning feed too. If you read my post yesterday you’d know that this is a huge relief to me. Now we’re down to about 2 feeds a day. Sometimes 3. They’re usually very brief and don’t even send her to sleep much anymore. Cuddling and rocking is how we get her to sleep at night now. The nights are, more often than not, perfect now. A tooth or a cold will disrupt things but she usually sleeps through. I’ve started to think about moving her to her own bed, but I’m in no rush. I still enjoy being close to her at night. I do wonder if my movements disturb her though.  

 Iris still eats like a horse. She’s started to refuse some foods that were previously her favourites (like satsumas) but she’ll always try new things. She’s developing new favourites though, such as pasta in tomato based sauce.  

 This time next month we’ll be celebrating her first birthday. I’ll probably be crying. There will be a lot of cake!  


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