Glum Thursday 

It’s my least favourite kind of weather today. It’s been pouring with rain on and off, with patches of drizzle too. The sun comes out in between and makes it all warm. Warm and wet. 

That’s the best word for it. The kind of day where you carry the coat you felt you shouldn’t leave at home. 
I’m grumpy anyway. Not grumpy as such, just kind of tired and in need of a break. 
It’s only 10am, but already the day has been full of small annoying things. Like the dog, who protests whenever Trev is away by being a little shit. He’s been out into the garden and somehow got himself stuck the other side of a wall. I had to hand Iris to a neighbour and climb down to rescue him, lifting and throwing his rather large smelly body back over the wall. He vanished for a bit on his morning walk too.
It took me the best part of an hour to find the bloody polling station. 
I’ve got a cold. Iris is teething and hates sleep even more than usual. 
Despite all of this I’m going to turn today around. 
I’m going out. There will be cake.
I’m fully expecting to come home to find the dog has eaten the house and Trev’s flight home has been delayed. 
But I’m not going to let it stop me. 
PS: use your vote!  



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