Camping At The Seaside (Part Two)

When I said it was a freezing cold night I wasn’t kidding. We were well prepared for it with thick fleece onesies, but they just weren’t enough. I barely slept as my feet were hurting from the cold. The only person warm enough was Iris, and I’m grateful that I went a bit overboard with her layers and also that she sleeps with us. She would have froze in a cot. 

I was relieved when the kids woke up, as I’d been awake a while already. Thankfully the tent warmed up rapidly once the sun came up. We breakfasted on those tiny boxes of cereal that come in multipacks and made the decision to head to the beach. The campsite had no hot water that morning so we were off out early thanks to being denied showers! 

We headed to Rhossili. I’ve never seen a beach quite like it. 

  Who knew such wonders could be found just down the road from Swansea? I love a beach without amusements and tacky gift shops. So peaceful. So much nicer.

  Iris nodded off in Trev’s arms, so we stopped for coffee and a (very) early lunch on the cliff top before heading for the sand. Iris woke in time to enjoy her very first ice cream.  

 We spent a very gorgeous warm day on the beach. Iris crawled around, unfazed by the wide open space. Seb insisted somebody chucked his tennis ball for him constantly all day, and kept drinking water from rock pools despite us telling him not to. The girls made sandcastles and splashed in the cold sea. We looked for starfish and crabs. We all ended up covered in sand and sun cream and it was glorious.  

       So glorious that (after a BBQ, a better night of sleep and packing up the tent) we went back to the exact same spot the next day.  

      The kids became slightly obsessed with saving the lives of ‘stranded’ crabs so much of the day was spent collecting them and returning them to rock pools.   

 And that was that. Time to head home. Iris screamed the whole way and drove us all mad. We stopped close to home to have tea and watched a grass fire destroy a local mountain. Holiday complete. Sort of. 


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