Park Run Fail

Funny story. 

I registered for Park Run because back in February I ran a mile without stopping in less than 12 minutes. It gave me hope. Ha! 

I was late. This is just a thing that happens when you have a baby. I do my best but somehow I’m just late for everything all of the time, and usually forget everything I need too. I heard them start the run from the park gates. By the time I got to them even the slowest runners were so far ahead that I quit. I quit before I even started. Great job, Mouse. 

After nipping to the loo I made the decision to run home. I must be about the same distance as the 5k Park Run anyway, and as Trev was in the supermarket with Iris there was no rush to get home. 

It’s not 5k from the park to my house. It’s 6.4k and I can’t run. 

Seriously. I can’t. I used to. I used to run a lot. Before Iris. But now I can’t. I just can’t. Well, I can but its just no fun. 

I hadn’t stretched properly. I overlooked it because I was pissed off with myself. My trainers were too tight. So tight that my right foot ached and then basically lost all sensation. I loosened my laces and the pain came through. I was 2k into it. I limped the rest of the way. 

It sucked. 

So from now on its all about FitMums (cringe – terrible name) and those Davina DVDs gathering dust on the shelves. 


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