Ten Months (A teeny bit late)

  Ten months! Ten whole months! I can hardly believe it! 

Yes, I am aware that I say that every month. 
This kid is so mobile now. She crawls at high speed, pulls herself up to standing using anything she can reach. She walks around furniture holding on, and pushes a walker across the room. There is no stopping her. She seems to have grown up so very very much lately and it terrifies me. 
With the improvement in her mobility has come frustration at anything that makes her stay still. Nappy changes, the pushchair, the high chair, the car seat, changing into pyjamas. All are met with screaming and wriggling and everybody getting flustered. I don’t even wipe her face when it’s covered in biscuit anymore. It’s just not worth the fight. The other day she had a blob of yoghurt on her forehead all afternoon and evening. She likes bathtime. All mess can just wait til bathtime. 
Her chatter is constant now. I can tell when she’s telling me she loves me and when she’s telling me off! She uses two actual words now. ‘Mama’ and ‘hiya’. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that she said mama before dada. In your face Trevor! Mama is reserved for when she’s crawling after me or trying to climb my leg. Hiya is used in context too, and usually comes with a wave. 
 Suddenly much more confident in taking her out and about. She can go on the floor now! No more guilt at her moving from car seat to pushchair to high chair and back again all day long. Now I take her somewhere and plonk her down. She explores til she’s tired. It’s wonderful. Baby groups and play groups are actually worth going to for Iris’ benefit now, not just mine. 
She eats like a horse still. She’s developing preferences now, and knows what she likes. I try to give her meals at the same time every day, and she seems to know when it’s nearly a meal time. She barely Breastfeeds in the day. Only to sleep of we’re at home or sitting quietly somewhere. She has a big morning feed and a big bedtime feed. At night she generally wakes and feeds twice. Only once if she’s had a late night. I suddenly miss the constant breastfeeding (and box set watching) that frustrated me so much at the time. 
Iris sleeps better. It gets better every month. She goes to bed at a sensible time and gets up at a sensible time. For two weeks she got up at 5am every day, but thankfully it’s returned to a more human 6:30 now. 
The big first birthday is loomin over me. I think of little else. How the hell can my tiny new human have been here so long already? There will be tears from me when those candles are blown out.  



One thought on “Ten Months (A teeny bit late)

  1. Lovely update 🙂 she sounds very similar to baby W…. He will not sit still and also hates nappy/outfit changes… I have to pretend it’s a game! So much fun now aren’t they?! 🙂 xx


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