Nine Months

I didn’t do this last month, and so much has changed since Iris was just seven months old.


The past 273 days have been pretty amazing, thanks to this little whirlwind. She’s so full of character now, I find myself laughing at her all day long.

I guess the biggest change in the last two months is that she’s fully mobile. She started commando crawling at seven months and was crawling properly within a couple of weeks. She quickly gained speed and confidence, and now almost never falls over. A few times she has crawled straight into the wall though, where she’s been looking at the floor instead of ahead. In the last two weeks she’s changed her crawling style again, and now prefers to be on her hands and feet, bum right up in the air. My mum says its reminds her of Mowgli in The Jungle Book.  She pulls herself to standing too now, but isn’t that stable. I’m trying to let my fear go and let her explore, but it does frighten me when she’s clinging to the sofa and wobbling around. Even more so when she insists on standing up in the bath! I got her a push along walker from the charity shop, but she doesn’t get it yet. She pushes it along but her feet don’t follow. I have to remain close to prevent her landing on her nose! She has a sit in walker too, but hasn’t even realised that it moves. She just sees it as something that stops her from crawling, which is how she feels about the jumperoo now too. This is quite annoying for me, as I have no safe place to leave her so that I can nip to the loo. I have to take her with me.

FullSizeRender (4)

We’re still breastfeeding. Although much much less now. Iris only really wants milk to get her to sleep, so twice a day before naps and then at bedtime. She makes up for it at night though. She still wakes several times and requires a full feed to get back to sleep. It’s exhausting, but I know it’s pretty normal. I’m shattered all of the time, but have no intention of attempting any ‘sleep training’. She still sleeps in our bed with us, and I have no plans to move her out. It works for us. I love having her close. I can’t imagine not cosleeping. It’s the lovliest snuggliest thing! We have started putting her to bed a lot earlier though, aiming for around 7:30. It has made a massive difference to how much she sleeps and she’s happier for it. Some nights are still really terrible though, like last night when we tried walking the streets late at night with the pushchair. It didn’t work. It turned out that she just needed a big poo, and after she finally did that she just went straight to sleep! There are still odd nights where she just decides she’s wide awake at 1am and fancies playing until around 4. They are so few now though that I can easily cope. Daytime naps are loads better, and she’s almost got a routine of sorts. Totally baby led though. I’ve made no attempts to try to get her into a routine. She usually wakes up around 7:30 in the morning and wants to go back to sleep at 9:30ish. She’ll sleep on our bed (closely watched on the video monitor) or in the pushchair if we’re off out. She sleeps again in the afternoon sometime between 2 and 3. The lengths of her naps still vary so greatly and there is no way to predict how it will go!


Mealtimes are the best bit of the day for Iris. This kid just loves food. I’m so pleased. Fussy eaters drive me mad, and I’d hate to have to worry about her getting enough. Instead I find myself worrying if she eats too much! She eats three meals a day now, and eats with me. Whatever I’m having she has too. I don’t make separate baby food. I have never added salt to food anyway, so that’s not a problem. The only meal she has that’s different from mine is breakfast. She adores porridge! If I attempt to give her toast instead she tells me off!

FullSizeRender (3)

There have been no real words yet, but Iris loves to talk. She babbles almost constantly and I often get the feeling she’s trying to tell me something important. I fear that once words do come, they’ll keep on coming and she’ll never ever be quiet again. Iris likes to imitate sounds too. Only today she watched Seb the dog panting after playing fetch and she started trying to pant too! My favourite of all of her noises is her high pitched squeal of joy! It’s usually combined with all four limbs wriggling with excitement and its seriously adorable!

FullSizeRender (2)

We spend much more of our days together away from the house now, and transporting Iris around is becoming much easier as she grows. Friday is the only day we don’t attend a group of some kind. We even managed a weekend at my mum’s house, travelling there and home again by train. And it wasn’t even that stressful!


I have no idea at all what Iris weighs or how tall she is as we’ve given up going to baby clinic, but she’s booked in for a nine month check with the health visitor after Easter. It’ll be the first time we’ve seen a health visitor in a very long time. Ours retired when Iris was very little and we seem to have completely slipped off the radar! I’m not complaining. I find them intrusive and not particularly helpful.

FullSizeRender (1)

Thanks for another month of fun kiddo, for amazing me constantly and making me feel like the most important person in the world. Oh, and for my first ever Mother’s Day too!



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