Life Lately

I did that terribly irritating thing where you announce that you have returned to blogging, only to find that you have absolutely nothing whatsoever to say.

It’s not that life isn’t interesting or that I’ve been doing nothing, I just haven’t felt like writing. I still don’t. However I don’t want to let this thing slide away, and it occurred to me that maybe if I write a thing just once the love will return. So, a list.

A list as it’s the only thing I have. No creative juices are flowing here.

1. I turned 30. It wasn’t so bad. It didn’t even hurt and I don’t feel any different. Plus I had an amazing cake, lovely presents and a wonderful weekend with my family.

2. Iris went from wriggling along like a worm and rocking on all fours to actually crawling. Not slowly either. Full pelt across the room. She holds onto stuff and stands up too. It’s terrifying.

3. My step kids referred to me as step mum. I cried a bit and then felt really old.

4. I gained all of the weight I previously lost and then lost a little bit of it.

5. I ran a mile in 11 and a half minutes.

6. Seb and Margot were infested with fleas. Nightmare. Oh, and Margot had her kitten-preventing-operation and will soon be allowed out to play.

7. The horrible red carpet is finally gone. The new laminate flooring is beautiful. The living room is all freshly painted and we’re just a few strips of wallpaper away from a gorgeous new room.

8. I bought a new parent facing pushchair because I fell out of love with babywearing a little bit.

9. I had my first Mother’s Day. Cried a bit. Felt massively overwhelmed by how incredible being a mother is.

10. Returned to blogging, sort of, in a spectacularly stupid way.


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