Dear M&S, Can We Talk About Pants?

Dear M&S,

I popped into your store recently in need of new knickers. Since having a baby and living in nursing bras, I have no use for matching sets or sexy lingerie. I just want pants. Big comfy pants that cover my whole bum and keep me warm. You were the first people I thought of. M&S! Pants that come in packs of five. Basic plain comfy pants. Yes. M&S seemed like the place.

I picked up a pack of blue ones. Different shades. Some with stripes or polka dots. But basic. Plain. Comfy looking cotton. I was very pleased with my purchase.

So you can imagine how disappointed I was when I got them out of the pack at home to find they were finished with that horrible frilly elastic that scratches and rubs and isn’t comfortable at all. I’ve also found that it doesn’t last long. It’s not strong elastic. It doesn’t even look particularly nice, so it doesn’t really serve any purpose at all. My first thought was ‘why don’t men have to put up with this crap?’ Why are the pants for men strong and comfy and hard wearing, with normal functioning elastic that doesn’t itch or leave marks on the skin?

It’s probably not the most sexist thing ever, so I hate to make a big deal. Pants are kind of important though. We wear them every single day. Well, I do anyway. They need to feel nice, to wash well. I don’t want to itch and scratch and feel uncomfortable all of the time just because I happen to be female. Can we please have comfy pants?

Yours sincerely,


PS: You are not the only store guilty of this, I know. Sorry for picking on you.



3 thoughts on “Dear M&S, Can We Talk About Pants?

  1. As a man, I feel exactly the opposite! Women’s knickers are much softer, more comfortable and better value than men’s. I appreciate they may be thinner and on some the elastic can be less supportive, but overall, girls have a much better choice than us


    • I struggle to see it as you do, as I’m not a man, obviously. How do you know women’s underwear is more comfortable? Because I struggle to find any that is. The scratchy elastic is one thing, then there’s the way there’s never enough fabric so they make their way up your bum all the time. On the other hand I find my other half’s boxers to be the most comfortable thing! So comfortable I often steal them to wear to bed. I can’t see that women’s underwear is good value either. Sure you can grab a pack of value briefs fairly cheaply, but generally anything slightly more fancy than that is pretty expensive. Especially if you’d like them to match a bra. Then you’re reluctant to spend any extra because you know they’re so thin they probably won’t last long. Give me a pair of thick cotton men’s boxers any day!


      • I’ve been wearing women’s knickers for quite a while and find them much more comfortable and supportive. I find the thicker and coarser material of men’s pants rubs my gentlemans area and generally let’s things swing about too much. Knickers with decent elastic at the top and round the legs hold everything in place nicely and I love the soft feel. As for value, I can buy a 5 pair pack for £12, or 3 nice pairs for the same price at M&S, decent men’s trunks cost £17 for 2. If they don’t last as long they are cheap to replace. They are also great for travelling as they take up less luggage space and wash and dry quickly.
        I can understand how a pair of boxers would feel good for a woman to wear, my wife has worn mine a few times to sleep in.
        Perhaps you should just wear mens pants or try the sports styles which tend to be more substantial. We are all different, it makes the world a wonderful place.

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