Seven Months

Another month has passed by. It’s been 214 days since little Iris invaded my world and every single second has been incredible.
We should have gone to baby clinic and had Iris weighed today, but we were invited out for lunch and decided that seemed like a lot more fun. I have absolutely no idea how much she weighs, but I think she’s gained quite a lot this month. She has a little round belly and loves to eat. She just seems so much bigger recently.
Baby led weaning is still working so incredibly well for us, and we’re yet to find a single food item this kid won’t eat. I can’t eat without her. She just won’t let me. So she’s on 3 meals a day already. That’s probably not advised, but I’m sure she wouldn’t eat more than she needed. Slippery foods are a bit of a challenge, but nothing stands in her way. Not even that she still has zero teeth. Her milk feeds are still frequent and long, although slightly less frequent than before. I’m still breastfeeding. We’re truly through that tough patch and it feels good again. No formula for us. I’m so proud of us for getting this far, especially since I was told only 1% of breastfeeding mums make it to 6 months. A shame really, as it’s definitely getting easier now.
We have had a bedtime routine back in place for a week now. We’re trying to creep bedtime earlier bit by bit, as Iris prefers a late night and a lie in but that means we miss out on so many great morning baby groups. Dinner is at around 7, and we eat all together. Iris then has a bath and Trev supervises, giving me a chance to whizz around the house having a tidy up. Then we have nappy-free time. This was Trev’s idea, and Iris really seems to enjoy it. It’s helping with the horrible nappy rash she’s had for a while too. Then it’s pyjamas on and up to bed. I still nurse her to sleep in our bed. There’s no way I’m giving up cosleeping anytime soon. It’s too easy. Iris senses me move away and tends to wake, so I’ve been staying in bed too doing some crochet. Most nights now we only have 2 or 3 wake ups and Iris tends to wake up for the day around 12 hours after going to bed. She slept through one night a couple of weeks ago but it was just a one-off. I’m ok with that. The amount of sleep we’re getting lately is such an improvement that it feels so good. Mmmm sleep. Day time naps are short and she has 3 most days. I try to get her to take them on the bed if we’re home, but she still naps on me or in her pushchair at times. The best naps are babywearing naps though, without a doubt.
Iris is desperate to crawl and gets up on all fours. She can go backwards now, but hasn’t figured out how to go forwards. I think she’ll do it soon though. She really plays with toys now, and her movements are so deliberate. Putting things in and out of her toy cookie jar is her favourite thing to do. She’s so interactive, and smiles and laughs in response to people talking to her. She babbles away in a conversational way and gets a bit annoyed when people don’t respond to her. She has been known to shout at strangers on the bus!
I think this next month will bring a first tooth and maybe crawling too. Every milestone amazes me. The tiny thing inside me that I saw on the ultrasound scan is a little person now. A beautiful little human. 2015/01/img_6978.jpg


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