Sleep. A Break in the Endless Sleepless Nights.

2015/01/img_7169.jpg There never really seems to be a period of gradual change when Iris does something new. With baby led weaning she went from exclusively breastfeeding to eating everything and anything in a matter of days. So I’m not really sure why I was so shocked when I woke up one morning last week and realised that I’d been asleep for six hours. Iris had slept for eight. No night feeds. No endless episodes of Grey’s Anatomy all through the night. No rocking and singing. No middle-of-the-night biscuit baking. 2015/01/img_6944.jpg She’s been a dreadful sleeper from day one. I wish I had a quid for every idiot that told me that breastfeeding was to blame, or that I should leave her to cry. I ignored them and I’m so glad I did. Babies are babies for such a very short period of time. It feels like forever when you haven’t slept in days, but it really isn’t. I won’t regret a single cuddle. Not even the 4am ones when I’ve weeped and even begged Iris to just go to sleep. 2015/01/img_6839.jpg Even daytime naps have generally been a disaster. She prefers to sleep on me. In fact she’s asleep on me right now. In an effort to stop her doing this I’ve tried pretty much everything, including once pushing her round and round the local park in the rain for two hours. I’m not doing that again. She mostly hates that pushchair. Babywearing has been a lifesaver for us many many times. 2015/01/img_66281.jpg I’m not daft enough to think that this’ll last. I know there will be times that she won’t sleep. We’ve got so many development milestones, illnesses and teething ahead of us. But for now I’m clinging to this period of peace. She’s only slept through just that once, but she’s now only waking one or two times each night. Such a huge change from her hourly feeds! 2015/01/img_7136.jpg I’m not sure if something we’ve done has caused this sudden change. She’s been eating solids for a month now. Perhaps that’s helped. Lately I’ve been trying to get her back to sleep in the night by any other way than feeding. I’ve basically avoided feeding her before midnight and have rocked her instead. Maybe that’s worked. Maybe it’s just a big coincidence and she would have slept through last week anyway. I’ll never know. I’m not really bothered if she doesn’t do it again any time soon. One or two wake ups a night is fine. More than fine. It’s a huge improvement, and I can certainly cope if she continues in this way. 2015/01/img_7143.jpg


5 thoughts on “Sleep. A Break in the Endless Sleepless Nights.

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  2. Hey great news! I remember that feeling of awesomeness too! I think we’re a month or so ahead of you and the sleep definitely gets better… Ours is 50:50 at the mo but defo better than it was, makes such a difference doesn’t it! Xx


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