Baby Weight Diaries #5

So I gained weight at Christmas, just as I thought it would. I gained more than I’d lost, which wasn’t expected. So I’m restarting. And I’m sticking to it. Really I am. My reflection in the mirror makes me feel horrible. I have to do this. I have 52.8lbs to lose to get to my ideal weight. I don’t mind if I don’t quite make it to that point. I always expected to be slightly heavier permanently after having a baby. But I must get most of that weight off. I really have to.

Also, I’m going to run. I’m going to do a 5k Race for Life this summer. I have to. For my Nanny. I’m going to do lots of exercise, including my faithful old Davina DVDs and the 30 Day Shred.

I’ll let you know how I’m doing every Thursday. Having to admit on here that I’ve been terrible and not lost any weight is a good motivator.


6 thoughts on “Baby Weight Diaries #5

    • Aw, thank you! The hardest part will be finding time to exercise I think. Especially at the moment while it’s so dark so much of the time. Iris needs to start taking naps so that I can get my exercise DVDs on! xx


  1. I completely empathise with not loving your reflection. I think from my belly button up, I’m okay (I mean, if we accept that my boobs are ruined, which we just have to) but anything below that is just vile. My legs are horrendous; I hate catching sight of them. They’re okay in 100 denier tights though, so I’ll be fine until at least April.

    Nobody sees you the way in which you see you. If you’re overweight then yes, deal with that for health reasons if nothing else but there is no way that you look horrible. Everybody thinks they look horrible. And nobody looks as bad to others as they do to themselves. Factual.



    • I actually prefer my boobs! Yes, they’re a bit uneven. But before pregnancy they were tiny. Now they’re huge! I hate my legs too. But I mostly hate my belly. I still look pregnant, or like I’ve got a beer belly! Horrible! Even my feet are a bigger size, which is just weird. I probably don’t look as bad as I feel, but how you feel is what counts really isn’t it? I’m off to a Christening next weekend. I’ve had to buy a dress way bigger than I’d usually buy AND I had to pick one I could breastfeed in. Such a pain. Now I just need a pair of 100 deniers…. xx


      • Thankfully I’ve only been invited to one formal occasion since having a baby and I managed to cobble something together, just! I wasn’t with Gwenn though so I didn’t have to think about feeding, just expressing the once. Most of my clothes are only suitable for walking to the supermarket. I never go anywhere dressy. xx


      • I’m the same. I’m living in a handful of items of clothes and they are all scruffy and worn out. I’ve actually got some pretty nice clothes, but I don’t fit into anything! I don’t get out much, so it doesn’t really matter. It’d be nice to look a bit nice now and again though. xx


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