Six Months

Although I wrote most of this yesterday, exactly six months after Iris was born, I didn’t finish it or post it because I’m just so bloody tired and Christmas is really keeping me busy.

Today Iris is six months old. 183 days. Half a year.
It’s been quite a month. Iris has been poorly with a chest infection. Easily relieved with a course of antibiotics, but the sticky runny eyes, barking cough and constant stream of snot that came along with it have lingered much longer. Our terrible sleeper got even worse, and there have been many nights that I’ve given up and taken her back downstairs. I hate seeing her feeling sad and poorly. It’s heartbreaking. Although she’s had days of crying and feeling sad, she’s been happy and determined too. It certainly hasn’t held her back.
I guess the main change this month is food. I wanted to wait until Christmas week, until after today, to start with solid food. Iris had other plans though, and we finally gave in two weeks ago now. I expected a gradual process of introducing food slowly, but again Iris had other ideas. This kid loves food. Loves it. She hasn’t turned anything away and has enjoyed every mouthful. I’ve helped her with a spoon a little bit when she tried yoghurt, but otherwise I’ve just given her whatever we’re eating and let her get on with it. It’s been messy, and there have been times I’ve been glad we own a dog!
I’m still breastfeeding on demand, and the introduction of solid food hasn’t made her want to nurse any less. I haven’t managed to have her weighed this month, but I feel quite sure she’s gained quite a bit. I need to finally put away the last few bits of 0-3 months clothes because they don’t really fit anymore. The 6-9 months bag is out of the loft but I haven’t tried any of it on her yet. She’s been living in Santa, elf and reindeer costumes for the last week or so!
Although Iris loves to sit up and play now, she’s still not a fan of being on her front so there’s no sign of crawling yet. She’d much rather jump around in her Jumperoo. She’s always practising picking things up and moving them around in her hands and is getting good at moving things and keeping hold of them. She’s shown signs of teething and enjoys chewing teething toys, particularly Sophie giraffe. No teeth yet though.
Sleep has been awful. Terrible. I’ve been pushed right to the edge with it several times again this month. We found out that one of our new mum friends is a chiropractor, and she’s looked at Iris twice this week. The past 4 nights have been much better. Iris has slept in chunks of 3 hours, which is a full hour longer than her previous longest stretch of sleep ever.
I’ve been in a bit of a fog lately, feeling overwhelmed and tired out. I know I haven’t written much and that I have comments I haven’t replied to. I’m not going to push myself this side of Christmas, but definitely hope to get back on top of things in the New Year.


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