Food and Iris

She not quite six months, I know. I did plan to wait until Christmas week to start our adventures with weaning, but I just ran out of ideas for entertaining her while we eat. I can’t remember the last time I ate a meal with both hands and without a baby getting more and more cross because I won’t hand over whatever I’m eating. We went to Grandma’s for Sunday dinner, I felt like eating a meal properly for a change, and there was broccoli and cauliflower to be eaten. It was time.
IMG_5794.JPGIMG_5796.JPG I’ve moaned before about how I hate unwanted parenting advice. I was more than fed up of hearing about what I should and shouldn’t do regarding weaning before I even started to think about it. I’ve opted for baby led weaning. I bought the Gill Rapley book but didn’t read it. If I had time to read, I probably still wouldn’t read it if I’m honest. I’m sure it’s brilliant, but I just don’t feel I need the advice. I don’t think puréed baby food is bad. I just don’t see the point in purée food for Iris. It’s a lot of effort, and she’s perfectly able to pick food up and chew it with her little hard gums. No teeth necessary. IMG_5866.JPG The day after Iris’ first meal she woke up with a really rotten cold, yet again (or so I thought, it turned out to be a chest infection). Excuse the snot and sticky eye in that picture. It didn’t stop her snatching at my toast until I gave in and popped her in the high chair. Three days later and she’s eating half a slice of toast for breakfast every day (as well as her usual long milk feed) and loving it! She’s tried carrots too. And baked beans. Even a veggie sausage that she really wanted. She let me know by screeching til I handed it over.
IMG_5888-0.JPG I’m not going to give her anything salty or sugary or spicy, but I am going to give her whatever we’re having. It can’t get any easier than that really. No spoon feeding, no mashing, no puréed mush. Just us and her, sitting together and sharing meals! It’s exciting stuff, and so far it’s going so well. Iris is keen and enjoying every bit. The poo is a bit weird and takes some getting used too though. There was a bit of carrot in it today. IMG_5879.JPG


5 thoughts on “Food and Iris

  1. Go Iris!! Yeah the poo change is a bit nasty isn’t it?! Gets super stinky too (as you’re aware I know). She looks like she’s having a ball though 🙂


  2. That’s exactly how we ended up down the BLW route – at a family meal – I wanted to eat my own food without being hassled so gave Jasmine some broccoli and she loved it! Iris looks like she’s loving it. xx


  3. I know it’s not everyone but BLW really worked for us too, a couple of months on and I can’t believe how much a little baby can put away… He’s just had his first bit if home-made sheperds pie… And he loves my macaroni cheese! I think BLW has helped me eat a bit healthier… I ate a lot of sarnies before that! Xx


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