Baby Weight Diaries #3

It’s been a bloody awful week. I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to sleep.
Look at that. 2029. That’s when the app predicts I’ll finish this. Sigh. IMG_6033.PNG

I can only assume that sleep deprivation messes with my metabolism, or that watching box sets all night long doesn’t burn as many calories as sleeping. I’ve actually been pretty good with my food so that’s the only explanation I have. I feel glum. This weight gain just makes me feel more glum.

*images cropped from screenshots of the Happy Scale App*


2 thoughts on “Baby Weight Diaries #3

  1. I haven’t been weighed in a month but I know it would be a gain. I can tell just by how I feel around my middle. My eating has been all over. One day all I had was an exploding candy Chocolate Orange and about 6 Lemsips. Most days I lose track of what I’ve eaten because there are no “meals”, just constant grazing. I feel so sluggish. I still know I’ll reach my goal though, just not as quickly as I had planned. x


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