My Style Baby #stylebaby

IMG_5625.JPG I’m never likely to do outfit posts or write about fashion. I don’t have any style. I don’t really miss it. It’s just not my thing. I haven’t got a clue about fashion. I do like to look nice every now and then, but frankly I’m a scruff bag.

I’m not really into fashion for babies either. I love cute baby clothes, but they have to be practical and comfortable too. Which is why kids clothes ‘for girls’ annoy me so much. They’re thinner than boys clothes, and often have that scratchy frilly elastic rather than the comfortable durable stuff. Do they think little girls don’t play? The dresses, tutus and sparkly shoes have their place, I’m sure, but I’d far rather see kids play in clothes that are hard wearing and comfortable. What parent wants to constantly worry about clothes getting ruined?

I posted the picture above a couple of weeks ago when Iris turned Five Months old. I think she looks seriously cute in that outfit, despite it being slightly too big. Then I realised that, apart from the boots, its from H&M and that tends to be the shop I turn to when I buy Iris clothes.

I have no need to shop for baby clothes any time soon. Iris has all of my niece’s clothes and most of my nephews too. We like to dress Iris in a gender neutral way, which means she wears every single colour. This includes a bit of pink, but we hate the way some shops seem to want us to dress her exclusively in pale pink, with the odd hint of purple. I think this, plus durability and good value, are why I turn to H&M.

At the moment there are quite a few bits and bobs that I wish I had the cash for, despite not really needing them at all!

Our H&M Wish List


1. Fine knit dress in grey leopard print – £7.99
2. Red rib-knit hat – £3.99
3. Beige pile-lined boots – £9.99
4. Wool blend socks – £2.50


1. Turquoise fine-knit jumper – £7.99
2. Striped jersey leggings – £3.99
3. Print t-shirt – £3.99
4. Patterned sweatpants – £4.99

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*All of these items are currently available online at I haven’t been asked to write this or compensated in anyway for this post*


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