Pictures of the Weekend #11

IMG_5885.JPGPoorly baby, poorly baby, poorly baby with dog, dog and cat.IMG_5886.JPGPoorly baby, poorly baby, hiding cat, poorly dog.IMG_5939.JPGGeocaching, poorly baby with poorly dog, sitting up for the first time, playing at Grandma’s

You may have noticed a bit of a theme running through our weekend. Iris has been poorly with a rotten cold since the middle of last week. Super runny snot has turned into a nasty barking cough. It’s unpleasant and means we haven’t really slept in days and days. I was on the verge of being too tired to cope, but last night we actually slept for most of the night. Thank goodness. Only now I’m worried I won’t have time for my new Grey’s Anatomy addiction. On Saturday we planned to go to a thing at Westonbirt Arboretum, but went geocaching earlier in the day and the stupid dog cut his foot. Blood everywhere. Bandages. Pizza ordered and us not going anywhere. Probably for the best with Iris’ cold.


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