I think we’re very nearly done with autumn now, and we did pretty well with doing the things on our list that we hoped to do in autumn. There were a couple of important things that we didn’t quite manage, so I think I’ll stick them on the bottom of this list, just in case we have more money/time this season. Seems unlikely because of Christmas, but hey, worth a try.
So here’s our winter list.

1. Visit Westonbirt Aboretum for the winter enchanted forest walk.

We planned to do this yesterday, but didn’t make it.

2. Ice Skating.

I won’t actually be able to skate with Iris, but the big kids can with Trev while I take pictures. I don’t know where we’ll go, as there seems to be a hundred temporary ice rinks to choose from every winter these days. Which one is the best?

3. Visit Santa.

I’m told he has a grotto at Dare Valley Country Park and we love it there, so I reckon we’ll combine it with a mountain walk and make a real day of it.

4. Take pictures of the kids all together in their Christmas jumpers and outfits.

We did Halloween versions of this and the pictures are wonderful!

5. Go to Puxton Park.

We did this last year around Christmas time with my sister and her family. It rained so we spent the whole day in the play barn, but we had the best day! It doesn’t seem like long ago, yet I was barely pregnant and not even really showing, and my sister was quite heavily pregnant with my nephew and couldn’t go down the slides. My niece was only tiny and too small for most of the equipment, but she was brave and ambitious and wanted to try anyway! This year she’s far more capable, my nephew is crawling and will love the toddler area, and Iris will be there to watch! My mum is going to tag along for the day too. I’m looking forward to it very much!

6. Get into Geocaching!

I only heard about geocaching lately, but immediately knew it was exactly the sort of thing we’d enjoy. More on this soon.
We’ve done a tiny bit, and have got lots of plans for more. Very exciting stuff!

7. Start baby-led weaning with Iris.

I’m so excited about this but also dreading it. I think she’s pretty much ready now, but we’re going hold off for a couple more weeks. The big kids want to be here, and the only day we’ve got free to stay home and all eat together is in a couple of weeks.

8. Spend some time with my family.

I really don’t see any of them enough, and it gets to me at times. I have to see them over the Christmas holiday. Have to.

9. Earn some money.

This was on my last list too, but it really is quite important.

10. Use my camera, instead of my phone, for photography.

I’m crap at remembering my camera, but I’m always a bit disappointed with the pictures from my phone. Must. Try. Harder

11. Have a huge clear out.

We have way too much stuff. Endless boxes and bags of stuff filling every room and collecting dust. It really has to go. All of it.

12. Have a wonderful Christmas!

It’s our first one, really. Last year we weren’t living together.

This is a very half-hearted list, written with very little enthusiasm. I’m struggling to muster any, as I haven’t slept in days. Please forgive me.


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