Baby Weight Diaries #2

Frankly I’ve had a terrible week. Iris appears to be teething at the same time as having a cold. Neither of us have slept all week, and I’m feeling exhausted and glum. I don’t know about you, but when I’m worn out and run down I eat even more than usual. And my usual is a lot. We’ve survived the week thanks to Calpol and biscuits. I got so desperate for biscuits yesterday I actually baked some. Well it was easier than getting dressed and going to the shop. IMG_5810.JPG It’s a miracle that I didn’t gain weight this week, so I’m not particularly disappointed that I didn’t lose any either. IMG_5825.PNG
Stats for the week.
Weight loss this week: 0lb
Weight loss total: 3.4lb
Weight still to lose: 41.6lb
I’m going to try harder next week, but if I’m honest with myself I know I’ll lose the willpower if I’m not getting enough sleep. I just need the calories if I’m going to be awake 24 hours a day. We’ve got the kids this weekend too, and it’s strangely much harder with them around because we like to make sure there’s nice food in the house for them. We also tend to eat out at least once. I’ll just have to focus myself and say no to pudding.

*images cropped from screenshots of the Happy Scale App*


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