Autumn List – An Update

Remember back in September when I wrote this list about all the things I hoped to do? Well I did actually manage to do quite a few of these things!

1. Visit Mountain View Ranch

We managed this pretty early on and had such a fabulous day! Amazing weather helped too. I wrote all about it here. IMG_4094.JPG

2. Sort out the alcove full of junk.

We’ve bought and assembled some storage units from Ikea, but this is still a work in progress. It’s essentially done, we just haven’t worked out what to do with all of the crap we pulled out of it!

3. Get laminate flooring.

Nope. No way we can afford that before Christmas.

4. Go camping again.

Nope. No money (or time) for that one either!

5. Take Seb to the beach

Ah, our lovely cold and windy trip to Barry Island a couple of weeks ago! That was one of my favourite days of autumn. IMG_5184.JPG

6. Try out a woven sling

I borrowed an absolutely gorgeous FireSpiral Sling from the lovely Ellie at Cwtch Up Pontypridd during International Babywearing Week. We didn’t get on very well with wrapping. Iris goes a bit mental! I love the wrap though, it is so beautiful. In the end we bought a Mei Tai and we love it. After a wonderful babywearing group meeting this week I’m determined to have another go with a woven wrap though. Watch this space. IMG_5477.JPG

7. Find new places to walk

We sort of did this. We found Dare Valley County Park and we absolutely loved it there! We’ve been twice, and had the best time on both visits. We’ll definitely be regular walkers there. One new place probably isn’t enough though, so I’ll still be looking for more. Places with mountains are our favourite! IMG_4944.JPG

8. Frame some pictures and put them up.

They’re framed. They’re standing on top of various different bits of furniture which isn’t what I meant by ‘up’, but that’ll do for now. They look pretty.

9. Make Pumpkin Spiced Latte in the slow cooker.

Nah. Ran out of time. We kept all of the pumpkin insides in the fridge for a few days and I had every intention of using them. It just didn’t happen. Never mind. Maybe next year.

10. Visit Nanny’s Grave.

Oh I miss my Nanny so very much. I finally got round to visiting her grave and I took Iris too. It was hard to hold myself together. It still breaks my heart that Nanny and Iris never got to meet each other. IMG_4561.JPG

11. Join more baby groups and make some friends.

I went to one other group and haven’t made it back. It’s in the morning and Iris sleeps late! We did get invited to a party though, and I definitely feel like we’ve made some friends.

12. Carve Pumpkins and See Fireworks.

We missed out on seeing fireworks around bonfire night thanks to torrential rain, but we finally saw a display last weekend. We carved pumpkins too, which was great fun! Or it was until they went mouldy sitting in the living room. Yuck. IMG_5024.JPG

13. Get Iris a Christmas jumper.

Actually we haven’t done this exactly. Instead of a jumper, we’ve got a reindeer costume and a Santa suit! She’s going to look adorable!!

14. Get a laptop.

No money, no laptop. I’m still blogging on an iPad and my phone. It’s not brilliant but it’ll have to do for now.

15. Find an income.

I haven’t done this, and the clock really is ticking. I do have an idea though, and may just join a good friend of mine in her fantastic venture. Exciting!

I’ll be back with a winter to-do list soon!


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