Five Months

Five months! Already!
It’s been 153 wonderful days since Iris entered my world, and although many of those days have been tough and exhausting they’ve all been magical. IMG_4766.JPG
On Tuesday I took Iris to baby clinic to be weighed. She’s almost gained another lb and is now 12lb 7oz. She’s still exclusively breastfed, and so every ounce of her has been grown by me. I’m incredibly proud of that! Since her conception last September every single nutrient she’s needed has been provided by my body. In a month it’ll be time to start solid food, and although I’m excited about it I also feel slightly sad. Once she starts eating food properly there will be one less thing that can only be provided by me. Is it weird that this upsets me?
Iris is now 64.5cm long. A full 10cm taller than when she was born. Her feet now reach the floor in her jumperoo and she loves it! She goes a bit crazy in there, springing up and down enthusiastically for ages! IMG_5148.JPG
Sleep isn’t any better. We had a bedtime routine for about a week, but even though we’ve stuck to that routine it didn’t last. Getting her into bed and to sleep at night isn’t a problem. Keeping her asleep is. 45 minutes later she’s awake again, and back downstairs with us. Then she’s awake for a while. Oh well. The bed time routine is still fun. Iris adores bath time. Trev tends to do it, and they have so much fun in there, splashing around. She loves it so much that she cries when we get her out!
I’ve given up and started just taking Iris to bed at around 10pm and staying in bed with her. It means me and Trev don’t get any evening time together, but I know it’s not forever so I’m not stressing about it. Iris has gone back to sleeping really late in the morning again too. Usually until 9ish, but one day this week she slept til 10! I stay in bed too. Usually I’m awake from 7ish onward but sometimes I sleep in too. The extra rest makes the night feeds easier and I’m less of a sleep deprived zombie during the day. IMG_5182.JPG
We’re not getting out of the house so much lately. It’s just laziness on my part really, and I’m determined to turn it around. When we do get out we’re still loving babywearing, and walking Seb in all weathers! I can’t even remember when we last used the pushchair. IMG_5203.JPG
This kid is so full of personality these days. She chatters almost constantly and is incredibly loud! Sometimes I’m sure she’s trying to sing. I know that once she learns to talk in proper words she’ll never stop talking. I’m rather looking forward to it! She still grins at strangers, and even shouts at them sometimes. I get some funny looks walking around the shops with her happily wailing loudly! IMG_5088.JPG
I thought I still had quite a while before I had to worry about her moving, but she’s already pretty mobile. She can’t yet sit up or push up onto her knees, but she can roll. And roll she does. Just this week she’s started rolling right the way across the living room just so that she can pull on Seb’s fur. He’s not amused. IMG_5205.JPG
She’s been practising using her hands a lot, and is pretty good at picking things up and putting them in her mouth. She’s still grabbing at our food too, and getting pretty cross when we won’t hand it over. In a moment of madness I gave in the other day and put a small chunk of my banana in front of her. She picked it up but immediately dropped it on the floor. I don’t think she’s wanting food or ready for food, she just wants whatever we’ve got, no matter what that is. I’m pleased because I really do want to wait until she’s six months old and completely ready. IMG_5196.JPG
I’m fairly sure she’s been teething. Last week she seemed really unwell, cried a lot, and wouldn’t sleep. Prefect timing as I was solo parenting for the week! She didn’t have red cheeks or a temperature, but was really chewing on anything and everything. She was dribbly and had a runny nose too. A few times this week she’s come over all sad and poorly looking too, only to magically recover after some teething powder and a feed.

We’ve been gifted some cloth nappies and have just recently started trying them out. It’s going very well so far, although we haven’t used them outside the house or during the night. I’ve noticed it’s made a huge difference to how big the bag we put out for nappy recycling is. It’s only one extra machine load of washing each week and really isn’t hard work. Even with Iris filling her nappy more often lately!
As always, I’ve found this update both exciting and difficult to write. Must they really grow and change so very quickly?


7 thoughts on “Five Months

  1. Oooh I love your updates… Gorgeous post and photos, I love the last photo and the sad face one!! My baby W loves rolling around too, much fun!! We should try and meet soon… Do you live near the town centre? We could go for a walk together if there’s somewhere near you that’s pram- friendly!!) xx


    • Thank you! I don’t enjoy writing these much though. I find it hard to deal with how fast she grows and changes! I live near, but not in, Pontypridd. We spend a lot of time there though, as we’re basically in the middle of nowhere and there’s not much here to do. We could walk in Ynysangharad Park? xx


      • Ynysangharad park is a great idea – that’s where I had my maternity photo taken that you can see on the blog! How about this Thursday afternoon? (I know you don’t do mornings :)) xx


      • Sorry I’ve been rubbish at replying! My other half’s been ill and I’ve been busy with Christmas stuff… anyway the good news is Fridays will be day off when I’m back in work – so let’s definitely do this in Jan – we’ll need cheering up πŸ™‚ xx


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