Solo Sunday

We spend a lot of time here without Trev, as he works such long hours, but never at the weekend. At the weekend we are always together. Not today.

Trev worked today, and isn’t home tonight either. He’s 136 miles away.

I’ve spent the whole day thinking it’s Monday, then remembering it’s Sunday. I’ve done that maybe a hundred times.

We walked the dog on the mountain, just like a Monday. But the post didn’t come and all the wrong stuff was on the TV.
Iris had massive naps and slept half the day, thanks to a terrible night last night, so it’s just been me. Me and my dog, cat, dragon and sleeping baby. It’s felt so very strange.

I ended up drinking 2 glasses of wine at a friend/neighbour’s kitchen table mid afternoon. Very extravagant for a Monday!

We watched the Remembrance Day parade come through the village.

I played referee in the dog meets cat situation. IMG_5260.JPG
We played endless games of fetch on the rugby field in the rain, while Iris slept some more.

Then my mum came. And she’s staying the night too. She’ll probably wake up with Margot on her head. Tomorrow she’ll drag me round Cardiff for Christmas shopping when I’d rather be somewhere with trees and mud.

I did a weekend day without Trev, and it wasn’t so bad. But oh how I miss him. IMG_5239.JPG


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