Sleep Regression

The 4 month sleep regression? Is it really a thing?

We nailed bedtime. Bath, boob, sleep. Mummy and daddy time. It lasted a week or so. Then it stopped working.

Now it’s more like bath, boob, sleep, boob, sleep, wide awake, jumperoo, boob, scream, sleep. Argh!

I know what’s changed. I know where I’m going wrong. Originally I was watching her closely on the video monitor, and leaping up the stairs as soon as she wriggled to nurse her back to sleep before she could properly wake up. The last few nights I’ve got in the shower. It’s a real struggle to find time to have a shower during the day. Iris just won’t put up with not having my undivided attention for long enough. I can probably squeeze in a quick shower, but there’s no way I can comb my hair and put clothes on too. A long luxurious shower after her bedtime has made so much difference to how I’ve felt these past few days. Clean, with hair not full of knots. Better able to face the day.

Of course if I’m in the shower I can’t re-settle Iris when she wakes shortly after bedtime, and she always does. Trev tries, but lacks the required boobs. So she shouts until she’s wide awake and then it’s impossible to get her back to sleep. Before you know it you’re trying to entertain her at midnight because she just wants to play.

I’m shattered.

Then there’s that hour she likes to get up for lately. One night it was 1-2am. Another night 4-5am. Wide awake, grinning, wanting to play. She’s refusing naps in the daytime again too. Unless I walk up and down Pontypridd with her in the carrier. As soon as I stop walking or step foot through our front door she’s wide awake again.

All of this, combined with 2 or 3 night feeds, and I’m a mess. I can’t even take a nap in the day, unless I learn to sleep and walk.

So today we’re going back to basics. Naps. On the bed. Proper naps. And I’ll stay home all day and just keep trying and trying. I’ll sacrifice my shower (I’m so upset about this!) at night too, if it helps. I’ve got to try. Pretty soon Trev is going away for a few days and I won’t survive it on my own if nobody is sleeping!

Wish me luck.



3 thoughts on “Sleep Regression

  1. How are you getting on sweetie? We’re like you, as soon as we turn a corner something else happens… We got very close to W sleeping through and then he started teething again and with that came a hacking cough 😦
    So our sleep training will start again soon!
    I bought the ‘no cry sleep solution’ book and that has lots of handy stuff in it, good luck xxx


    • Better slightly. Day naps have improved. Bedtime is a bit of a nightmare! I think there will be regressions no matter what so I’m just chilling out about the whole thing. She’ll sleep when she’s ready! x


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