Barry Island on a Blustery Day

On Sunday, in the rain, we hopped in the car to Barry Island. We love the beach! Especially Seb, who has no fear of the sea whatsoever. In summer we have to find dog-friendly beaches (Newton Bay – Porthcawl is our favourite) but once September starts dogs are allowed on most beaches. Even the really popular touristy ones like Barry Island. IMG_5073.JPG
Obviously at this time of year not much is going on, and even the pleasure park is closed. Frankly I don’t think this is a bad thing. It’s beaten up and worn out anyway. The log flume looks like it might just crumble away, and I’m told it’s been closed for many years. Seems bonkers really, when Gavin and Stacey has made it so famous. IMG_5075.JPG
We weren’t there for amusements anyway. We were there to paddle in the sea and let Seb have a swim. It was raining on our way there (as usual) but we don’t let that put us off. Thankfully the sun did make an appearance, but it remained bitterly cold. IMG_5076.JPG
One child fell over into the sea and the other one took off one welly and one sock (I still don’t know why), and Iris slept. In lots of layers and inside my jumper. She was probably lovely and snug. The rest of us were freezing. Even Seb was shaking like a leaf, but it didn’t put him off. IMG_5080.JPGIMG_5081.JPG
It’s strange now to think back to the days, just a few months ago, when Seb wouldn’t go near water. IMG_5083.JPG
After drying off we headed towards the cafés and arcades and had a Sunday lunch of chips, burgers and chicken nuggets. The kids told jokes. Why did the dog lie in front of the fire? He wanted to be a hot dog! IMG_5122.JPGIMG_5105.JPG
After fighting a few fires and hooking some ducks, it was time to hop in the car and take the big kids back to their mum, which is always our least favourite part of the weekend. IMG_5109.JPG


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