Pictures of the Weekend #7

IMG_4981.JPG Iris’ first ever train journey – to Bristol!, spotting pumpkins in Bristol Aquarium, baby seahorses, little frogsIMG_5124.JPGFriday night, Saturday morning, designing pumpkin faces, chip shop lunchIMG_5125.JPGPlaying Peppa Pig shop, scooping out the pumpkins, carving, Ta-Da!IMG_5126.JPGAirbrush art, dog walking, puddles, trouble with mudIMG_5127.JPGChasing Daddy, playing dressing up, poo-splosion, nap timeIMG_5128.JPGBarry Island!, our salty sea dog, fetch on the beach, seaside Sunday lunchIMG_5129.JPGThe firefighting game, Gavin and Stacey, trying to pick up a very big stick, drying off

The weather in Bristol on Friday was fabulous, and I hear it stayed like that for much of the weekend. We’re very very jealous. We planned to see a firework display but heavy rain cancelled that plan for us. The rest of the weekend was cold and wet. Obviously we decided this was perfect beach weather! Do your worst, weather. This family will still be having wonderful weekends!


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