Happy Halloween!

I adore this time of year! We’ve got pumpkins to carve and the kids have costumes to wear, but we haven’t done anything for Halloween here just yet. We’re waiting til the big kiddos are here, and we pick them up tonight. They’re coming straight from a party so I’m hoping they’ll already be dressed up! IMG_4660.JPG
Iris went to her first ever Halloween party on Tuesday morning at a local group for under-1s. We’ve been meaning to make this group for a while, and now that Iris wakes up earlier it’s suddenly possible. She hated her costume at first, but actually she just hates getting dressed. She looked adorable!

A friend over on Facebook pointed out that Iris’ costume reminds her of the picture I used to announce my pregnancy, back at Christmas time.

Happy Halloween everybody! I’ll definitely show you our finished pumpkins sometime in the next few days. We’re off to see fireworks in a local park at the weekend too (I’m not entirely convinced it’s a good idea with Iris but Trev keeps saying “it’ll be fine so I’m going to blame him if it isn’t).



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