Four Months

Four whole months already! I don’t feel right giving Iris’ age in weeks anymore. She’s not 17 weeks and 3 days old. She is most definitely four months old.
Not much has changed with Iris since my last update. She had her 3rd set of vaccinations last week, and wasn’t poorly afterwards for the first time. She was fine, like it had never happened, only minutes later. That didn’t stop me feeling awful about it though. She now weighs 11lb 8.5oz so only gained a lb in 4 weeks. I’m not sure if that’s bad, but the health visitor didn’t seem concerned and she’s certainly full of energy.
Already I can see how frustrating it is to not be able to move. When Iris is on her front she wriggles and wriggles like mad, getting cross because she can’t reach everything she wants to explore. She’s obsessed with food and watches every mouthful I take so intently, her eyes following mugs of tea and forkfuls of food. I want to reach 6 months before introducing food so I’m hoping this doesn’t get more intense. Yesterday, in Ikea restaurant, Iris tried out a highchair for the first time. It was nice for me to enjoy a meal with both hands free! She seemed to quite like it so we bought one. A £9 highchair! Bargain!
We’re still walking everywhere whatever the weather, and Trev bought a parka for Iris to match mine! I joked with a friend at the weekend about how owning a dog means we raise weather-resistant babies! Yesterday we went walking in Dare Valley in torrential rain and strong winds. Iris slept the whole time and didn’t care one bit!
People have started asking what Iris would like for Christmas and I really have no idea. We’re thinking of buying her a Smart Trike, but I have no idea what to ask for from family. Any suggestions?
Our routine still isn’t a routine at all. Iris still feeds on demand, is exclusively breastfed, and usually sleeps during a dog walk about 2 hours after getting up in the morning. Afternoon naps are definitely needed, but we haven’t got it right yet. She won’t sleep if we go out or if there’s stuff going on because she’s too curious. A few times I’ve taken her up to bed and she’s slept for hours. A good afternoon sleep definitely makes bedtime easier too. This weekend she barely napped at all, and was still up at midnight shouting her head off. Luckily she sleeps in til 8:30 am and the night feeds are so quick and easy I barely remember them. We still bed share, and I’ve bought a safety rail for my side of the bed. It seemed essential now that she rolls so much!
For a short period Iris would cry if held by other people, but she seems to be over that now. She’s happily had cuddles with friends and family in the past week, and has started smiling at strangers when we’re out!
I know I say this with every update, but I really can’t believe how fast time is going by. I’m stressed out of my head trying to keep on top of everything, but one smile from my little love and I’m over it. When she chuckles I turn to mush.


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