Kraken Kreations

I just had to show you my new bag!
Isn’t it amazing? The very clever Cath from The Kraken Wakes recently scaled down her blog to start up Kraken Kreations, an online shop where she sells her handmade bags, gadget cases, storage solutions, and lots more.
I spotted the slouch bag on her Facebook page in lots of shades of pink. I loved the style, but pink isn’t really my colour. Luckily Cath takes commissions, and was happy to send me photos of the fabrics she had available, once I’d decided I’d like greens. I picked two, and my bag was born! It’s currently mostly full of Iris’ stuff, of course, but there is plenty of room for my things too. It’s huge inside!
It’s not bulky, and I love where it sits on my hip. It’s slouchy and comfy, and even works over a baby carrier.

The best thing about it though is how unique it is. It’s the only one of its kind, in fabrics I picked out just for me!

I was lucky enough to meet Cath too, as she’s local and offered to drop my bag off for me. As a long time reader of her blog I was thrilled to say hello in real life! Thank you lovely, for the beautiful bag and for dropping it off too.

I haven’t been asked to write this or compensated for it. I bought a bag, and wrote about it because I genuinely love it! I did plan to show you how it looks on, but I feel and look like crap. I’m also in a horrible mood. You really wouldn’t want to see me right now.


6 thoughts on “Kraken Kreations

  1. Yay. glad you like your Kraken Kreations bag – I too have had the privilege of meeting Cath (and I have a gorgeous notebook cover for my journalism work too, in a lovely red apple print) and she’s utterly fabulous. Just think, one day we’ll be browsing around Libertys and saying, ‘I had one of the first Kraken Kreations, don’t you know?’ 🙂


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