Slimming World

I know I’ve just had a baby, I’m nursing, and that my weight isn’t the most important thing going on right now. Don’t pounce on me. Seriously.

Last week a friend of mine who has also recently had a baby suggested she might like to lose some of the weight she gained and her Facebook friends weren’t all supportive. I thought it wasn’t particularly kind of them to suggest that she had her priorities wrong and shouldn’t even be considering it. Why shouldn’t she? It doesn’t make her a bad parent!

I’m not really worried about my weight. I gained 2 stone having Iris and that’s ok. I expected to. I over-ate whilst pregnant. I’d love to get back down to my pre-pregnancy size and weight, but there’s no real rush. It’s just nice to be on the road in that direction.

My motivation for wanting to lose the weight isn’t my appearance. The only person to comment on how I look has been a family member who never has anything nice to say to anybody anyway. I couldn’t care less.

I just want to run!! I’ve tried to run twice since Iris has arrived, and both times it felt incredible! But I’m heavier, it’s hard on my knees, and my running gear just doesn’t fit very well. It’s expensive stuff. I can’t afford to buy more. It’d also be nice to fit in the rest of my clothes too. My wardrobe is full of lovely stuff that doesn’t fit, and I think that’s a shame.

So I joined Slimming World, and I think it’s brilliant!

I’ve lost 8 and a half lb so far, maybe more. Tonight is meeting night when I’ll be weighed. It hasn’t been a great week, food wise. I’m addicted to pizza delivery! With the cold we’ve all had I’ve been wanting comfort food, so I’m not expecting to have lost much at all.

There’s no pressure though. As long as the numbers on the scales go down and not up, I’m happy. Slow and steady is definitely the way to go, and it’s easier to keep it off that way.

I do the green plan, because I’m veggie, with extras because I’m breastfeeding. Slimming World is the only weight loss programme recommended for nursing mamas, and if you follow the nursing plan it doesn’t affect your milk supply. Certainly hasn’t affected mine! Iris is chubbing up nicely.

My favourite part of it though, is the food. No diet versions of stuff, because those are just stuffed full of chemical sweeteners and other rubbish. Just proper healthy food. Trev is a much better cook then me, so he does most of it and has lost some weight too. My main job is to search the internet and recipe books for the next thing to try. Two of my favourite meals so far have been baked vegetable frittata and spicy bean burgers with cajun wedges. Trev also knocks up a ridiculously tasty veggie chilli (which we had last night – amazing!) and I’ve had a go at a couple of things, the best being a slow cooker sausage casserole.


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