I’m only popping by today. Iris is still full of cold, and now me and Trev have it too. Tomorrow Iris is supposed to be having her second lot of vaccinations. Do they still do them for a baby who has a cold?

Despite all of the illness, we have had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday Iris had a daddy day and I cleaned the whole house! They took long walks with Seb and ventured out to the supermarket while I reached for the bleach, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Does that make me a bit odd? The state of our house has been bothering me for a while, and it felt good to finally have the chance to tackle it.

We spent yesterday with some of my family. We started at Grampy’s, ate all of his biscuits and talked about Nanny. I still can’t believe it’s been six months already. Then we headed to see my mum, meeting my sister, niece and nephew there. After watching Trev open some presents (it’s his birthday in a few days) we went to Harvester for lunch. We had a great time. No tears were shed. Nanny would have liked it like that. I adore my 2-year-old niece and 7-month-old nephew. They’re a gorgeous funny pair and I wish I could spend more time with them.
(That gorgeous leopard print kimono came from The Dress Tree and I’m madly in love with it!)

After being out all day, we came home to this.
That dog pillow is brand new, purchased on Saturday. Clearly Seb isn’t impressed with it. To be fair to him, we left him alone for a good few hours and we very rarely leave him. On closer inspection he’d somehow opened the zip and pulled the stuffing out, so it isn’t actually broken at all.

The big girls called from France (where they’re on holiday with their mum) and while they chatted to Trev, Iris rolled over! From her back to her front! Trev missed it, but when I rolled her back onto her back, she immediately did it again!
I just can’t believe how quickly Worm (we often call her Worm, it’s the wiggling!) is growing, learning and changing. I love this more interactive version of Iris, but already miss the newborn version. This parenting is an emotional rollercoaster, isn’t it?
This outfit, and the panda one Iris is wearing in the twelve weeks post are her new clothes we bought for her when we were in Bristol last weekend. They’re both from h&m and we just had to have them! Actually, it was Sarah from Forget Me Knit that told me about the pug one, and I went in especially to get it! I have a pug top somewhere. Perhaps me and Iris should wear matching clothes!

Today the sun is really shining and it’s lovely outside. Trev has gone to photograph a potential wind turbine site, and we’ve ventured up the mountain with Seb.
The walk and the fresh air have definitely made me feel slightly better, but I think the rest of today will be sofa time. We need to rest!


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