Camping in the Forest – Part Five

Our Holiday in Beddgelert

I woke up (I say that but really I didn’t sleep much at all) on that hard cold floor with no feeling in one hip and a very sore back! The tent was full of puddles again, and we were all tired and sad to be going home. We’d completely run out of supplies, so after buying breakfast foods at the campsite shop (the croissants were really good!) we set about getting ready to go home. Once the girls were clean and dressed we let them run down the play area while we got organised. I helped as much as I could, but Iris kept demanding attention so it was mostly left to Trev, poor thing.

Taking the tent down seemed no problem at all to him, but getting everything back into the car looked tricky! Making it all fit was like doing a complicated jigsaw puzzle or playing Tetris. We were supposed to be off site by midday, but thankfully the campsite staff told us they don’t enforce that strictly and it took us until 1! We were using a super strong long lead to tether Seb to a tree, but somehow he pulled hard enough to snap it and went running off to look for the girls!
Once we were finally in the car, we all decided we were very hungry! Trev surprised us all by driving back to Tan Y Bwlch station, where we’d gone on the steam train 2 days before. I was pleased because I’d really enjoyed that lunch, and the girls were happy to go and watch the steam trains again! This time the sun was shining and it was warm, which made eating outdoors much more pleasant, and was better for standing on the footbridge admiring the trains. The only problem was trying to keep the sun off Iris’ face.
Back in the car, we headed for the wind farm we’d planned to visit on the way there.
Wow! What a place!!
Trev works in wind turbines, and I think they’re fabulous. Between us we could probably go on all day about why these things are fantastic and why there should be many more places like this. It amazes me that the main reason people object to them is their appearance. They’re beautiful! Pylons are ugly. Really ugly. But we barely even notice them. If we put up more turbines, it wouldn’t take long for us all to adjust and the people who hate them probably wouldn’t even notice them anymore.
You can walk right up to the base of the turbines! We walked around between them and the girls asked their dad a million questions about how they put them up and how they work.



After nipping into Grandma’s (Trev’s mum) to leave the tent there, and dropping the girls back with their mum, we came back to the real world with a bit of a bump. It was such an amazing holiday! Yes, everything that could leak, snap or break did so, and the weather was worse than awful right up until the journey home. The dog was riddled with fleas, and we had to return almost all of the camping things we’d bought because they broke. There wasn’t anything else that could go wrong, but it really didn’t matter. I’ve never had so much fun, and it was exactly what we needed as a brand new family.

Being home was a relief though. Warm and dry, with a comfy bed! Even Seb was pleased to get back to his home comforts.


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