Twelve Weeks

Today Iris is 12 weeks old!!
This is the week when colic is supposed to stop, right? Ha ha ha ha!

Actually, I’m not sure why I’m laughing because it has become less of a big deal. She still screams for what appears to be no reason, but it’s not routinely for a couple of hours every evenings. Some evenings she doesn’t scream at all. However she has started screaming during the day.

She’s always been windy. Right from day one. The amount that she farts is just hilarious, and she’s always got a big belch to do after each feed. Sometimes she just can’t get the wind out though, and that’s when she shouts. I don’t blame her. Trapped wind is bloody painful. I can hear it bubbling about inside of her but it just won’t come out. We’ve been giving her gripe water, which instantly calms her. I’m not sure if it really works or if she just calms down because it tastes nice and feels warm in her tummy.

Her feeds have become bigger, longer and a bit less frequent. This has been nice for me. I previously felt like a I had a boob out all day, but it’s not like that now. I have begun to enjoy our feeding times. I use the time to write this!
With the bigger feeds, we’ve had a lot more puking. I have to change Iris’ clothes quite a few times each day because she’s got sick all over herself. Quite often she gets it all over me too. Or the sofa. I don’t mind too much. It doesn’t smell bad, and changing her clothes often means I’m unlikely to have to pack away stuff she’s grown out of but never actually worn. She poops more too. When she previously pooped maybe twice a week, she now goes most days. And she really makes a big deal of it! Once this week she went 5 times in a day, and 2 of those were too big for a nappy to contain. Emergency bath time has become a normal part of most days!
Sleep times have changed too. She has started having just one big nap in the day. It’s a good couple of hours long, but she seems so tired later on so I don’t think it’s really enough. Occasionally she falls asleep while I’m feeding her, but those naps are only about 10 minutes long. The daytime shouting has made it difficult to get out of the house at times, so I’m grateful for the long sleeps as they allow me to walk Seb.
Night times are still the same. Two or three night feeds but straight back to sleep. Although one night she did shout between 4 and 6am with trapped wind, poor thing. Perhaps the good nights are the reason for the drop in daytime naps?

I did briefly wonder if Iris was going to get her teeth early last week. She’s been dribbling a lot and shoving her whole fist in her mouth. It’s not a hunger sign. She often does it after a feed. That’s why I wondered if her gums were hurting. I even bought a little teether that looks like a dummy. After asking around on Twitter though, I found out that it’s normal developmental behaviour for around this age. Phew!

Instead of teeth, she got her first cold. She’s had a constant stream of snot that seems to make it hard for her to nurse. I can hear it moving around in her nose and throat. She’s all red and puffy round the eyes, and her little coughs and sneezes make my heart ache. She’s had a couple of doses of Calpol when it’s got really bad.
Her personality has come along even more, and I’m madly in love with the way she smiles at me as soon as she wakes up! She’s developed a hundred more new facial expressions and they never fail to amuse me! She adores her Daddy, and I’m sure she finds him more amusing every week. She’ll sit and stare at him for long stretches of time, babbling away. When she talks I’m sure she really is trying to tell us something. She makes such a huge variety of sounds, and with her serious facial expressions it sometimes seems like she’s annoyed that we don’t understand! She listens when we talk too, and speaks in the gaps in between, so it really feels like a conversation.
She’s enjoying toys more, and definitely reaching for things. Occasionally she even manages to grasp and hold the rings on her baby gym. She spends quite long periods of time reaching out and whacking the hanging toys! Her baby gym also has a piano part that can be pressed with her feet, and she already enjoys kicking it and the sounds it makes when she does.
Also this week we’ve been into Bristol to see some of my friends, some who hadn’t met Iris yet, and she won them all over with her cuteness. We bought her some clothes (that she doesn’t really need) including the panda outfit above, and those amazing Batman socks!

I’ve reached a point where I don’t really think of Iris as a newborn anymore, which kind of makes me feel a little bit sad. She’s growing way too fast and changes all the time. She’s not a tiny helpless little thing anymore. She’s a strong baby who can hold her head up, interact with people and play with toys! How did that all happen so quickly?


2 thoughts on “Twelve Weeks

    • Amazing! We also have a pug one! She is starting to feel better, thank you. Much less snot and tears now. šŸ™‚ By the way, Iris has her 2nd lot of jobs on Tuesday, so Wednesday might not happen again. She was quite poorly after her last lot. I’ll let you know on the day again. xx


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