Camping in the Forest – Part Four

Our Holiday in Beddgelert

Saturday morning came as a bit of a shock to us all. Not only was our tent full of puddles again, but our double air bed had also gone down. It was as flat as a pancake and we were lying on a cold rocky floor. Not good for my poor back. Seb had kept us all awake with his itching and scratching, so we checked him over to find that he’d picked up fleas and also had a tick burrowing into his front leg. To top it all off I couldn’t find my toothbrush. All in all, not the best start to our last full day on camp. Thankfully the campsite shop had a replacement toothbrush.

The weather wasn’t looking too bad so we thought we might climb Snowdon. It was our last chance to do it, so we headed for Llanberis and the Llanberis Path which is the most gradual route to the top of Snowdon. But first we needed fuel! So we stopped at the very famous Pete’s Eats for breakfast, and because Trev went there lots as a kid and wanted to go back. On the way there we kept our eyes peeled for changes in the weather. It was looking very murky around the mountain tops!

Breakfast was glorious. Eggs and beans was exactly what was needed to get me going! Over breakfast we changed our minds about Snowdon. We later found out this was the right decision as the weather up there turned hideous! Instead we walked around to the local park. Seb instantly jumped into the lake, of course. The girls spent some time swinging and sliding and playing fetch with Seb. In the distance was Dolbadarn Castle, which soon caught our attention. The eldest sprog rather likes knights and castles so it seemed like the best plan.


For Trev, Dolbadarn was a real trip down memory lane. He remembered running around with toy swords with his little brother, chasing and fighting, while their parents watched nearby with the dogs. I can almost picture it! It must have been rather lovely for him to watch his daughters enjoying a place he loved as a child.





Poor Seb was still pretty itchy so he spent the time rolling around on the grass!


We caught the castle bug a little bit, and Trev wanted to take the girls to another of his childhood favourites, Harlech Castle. This was a much bigger castle, where you needed to pay an entry fee. No dogs were allowed, so me, Seb and a fast asleep Iris waited outside on a wall. This unfortunately means I have no pictures of the inside, but I’ve been reliably informed that it was ‘pretty cool’. I almost had a bit of a fight with a man who insisted on sitting next to us and lighting a cigarette. Every now and then Trev and the girls would appear at a window or at the top of a tower and I’d snap a quick picture. The sky was grey and the light was poor, but I promise it really is a beautiful place.


Harlech is by the sea, and I hope next time we are there the weather is better and we can build our own castles in the sand. Instead we explored the shops and the girls ate sandwiches in a little cafe. We managed to get hold of some dettol and tweezers for removing poor Seb’s tick. In a gift shop the eldest equipped herself with armour, helmet and sword. Trev was jealous and got himself a plastic sword too. I picked up some fudge as a gift for my mum.

We headed back to the Saracen’s Head again, mainly out of laziness. It wasn’t even raining. Eating out is always a nice way to spend the last evening of a holiday, and we spent our time talking about all the fun we’d had. We were all rather sad to be going home.

On our return to the tent we inflated our air bed again, only to find a big hole in it. It was flat again within minutes, but at 10pm there wasn’t much we could do. Trev set about trying to make the floor more comfortable with layers of towels and sheets. It worked a bit, but we went on to have the worst night’s sleep ever! Iris slept well though, wrapped up in lots of layers, and the girls still had comfy beds. I think we all fell asleep wishing it wasn’t our last night in Beddgelert.


4 thoughts on “Camping in the Forest – Part Four

  1. How lovely to revisit somewhere your husband had enjoyed when younger. I really want to visit here too. Whenever my kids learn the story of Gelert in school they also ask to go and see his “grave”. x


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