Camping in the Forest – Part two

Our Holiday in Beddgelert

Well we survived the first night in the tent despite the rain and my fear of cosleeping on an air bed. The bed was firm, and we didn’t all roll into the middle. Iris slept well, and it was well after 9am when we all woke up.

The girls were keen to try out the campsite showers so we headed that way fairly early. You had to type in a code to get into the shower block, and the-one-that-is-6 was rather proud of her ability to memorise the code. So much so that she continued to go to the toilet every 10 minutes for the rest of the holiday! While Trev looked after Iris and Seb, we showered. They took the cubicle next to mine and helped each other with the shampoo, which is great as they both have so much hair! The showers only stayed on for a few seconds at a time, much like swimming pool showers. I found this annoying, but the girls thought it was BRILLIANT. The campsite had very green values so I guess it made sense that they were trying to save water. The whole shower and toilet block was very clean and well maintained, with sinks in cubicles too, so it was possible to have a wash privately when you didn’t need a shower. Next the girls entertained Iris while Trev took his turn showering and then we headed out on our first adventure.


That first walk was a little bit of a disaster in some ways. The weather forecast was for lots of rain so we all wore waterproof clothing only for the sun to come out and bake us! Had we known it would turn out so lovely we would definitely have climbed Snowdon like we had planned. For some reason I thought we were just nipping out for a quick dog walk and didn’t take my nipple shields. This meant praying Iris would stay asleep because I couldn’t feed her! We took a footpath into Beddgelert that went the long way round. It claimed to be 2.5km but felt like much further. We saw lots of beautiful scenery, including hills and rivers. Unfortunately I forgot my camera too! On arrival we decided to hop on the train back but with an hour to kill we ate very expensive pizza in a cafe. We waited so long for the pizza that we missed the train, and as we were worried Iris would wake we decided to walk the short way back, along the road with no path for pedestrians. We did see some sheep in the road though!

Back at the tent Iris had a big feed and we soon headed back out. Trev remembered visiting a waterfall called Swallow Falls near Betws-y-Coed, so we headed there.


Such a beautiful place!


As we left Swallow Falls, Trev told the girls the story of Gelert. They were nowhere near as interested in it as we expected! We still took them to see Gelert’s Grave though, where the eldest read the story for herself.


Seb really enjoyed tearing around the place and loved running in and out of some nearby ruins, where we came across a statue of a Gelert.



Back at base camp that evening Trev cooked our dinner on a disposable barbecue and a camping stove. Him and the girls ate burgers and sausages from the barbecue while I enjoyed some baked beans with veggie sausages. We only managed to cook for ourselves on that one evening. The rest of the time it just rained too much!

That evening we were all absolutely exhausted. Too tired even for loom bands. The girls read stories to each other and we were all asleep pretty quickly!


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