Eight Weeks


Iris is now eight weeks old. Actually she’s eight weeks and four days old, but I got a bit behind.

At six weeks and three days, Iris suddenly started to smile. Now she smiles all the time! She makes me work hard for them though. Silly voices and funny faces are necessary. Only for me. She smiles much more for her Daddy. I think she likes his beard! I say this because today she smiled at the doctor, and he has a beard too. Mostly she smiles at the dog.

Today she hasn’t smiled much.

We’ve been to the doctors for her first jabs. She didn’t take it too badly at the time, crying for about half a minute before falling asleep. She then slept in the sling while we walked the dog. But now she seems to be feeling terrible! I’ve never heard her scream like she has been this evening. She’s definitely in pain, poor flower. So I’ve given in and she’s had her first ever dose of Calpol. It’s definitely calmed her down. I’m considering missing Slimming World tonight so that I can hold her all night (I don’t think I’ve lost any weight anyway!).

Other developments this week include finally stopping all the colicky screaming in the evening. She still cries a bit but we can settle her quickly now. She’s also grown! I’ve got a whole bag of tiny baby and newborn clothes that don’t fit now, and some she was wearing just a few days ago! She weighs almost 10lb now, and is 58cm long, compared to 7lb and 54cm at birth.

I feel like I’m really getting to know her. Her different cries are easy to tell apart now, and I can confidently say when she’s tired or hungry. She knows me too, and isn’t fooled by somebody other than me or her Daddy trying to comfort her. My mum has been here since last night, and although Iris enjoyed looking at her she started to cry when she heard my voice.

Also this week, I went running. Twice. I used to run frequently until I got pregnant, but that was almost a year ago. My first 2 runs have been much easier than I expected them to be and they’ve felt so good!! Part of the reason I hated pregnancy so much was because of the way it restricted my movement. I had to do this slow waddle with sore hips, when I all I really wanted was to run!


4 thoughts on “Eight Weeks

  1. Iris is so beautiful! We’re still waiting on proper smiles, but Toby is 6 weeks old today so fingers crossed we’re close. I hope she’s recovered well from the jabs, it must be awful seeing your baby suffer, I will but some Calpol to have at the ready. Well done on the running, I wish we lived closer because I’d love a running partner once I’m signed off by the Doc!xx


    • Aw, happy 6 weeks! I reckon smiles are just around the corner for you, followed by all of these other hilarious facial expressions! Jabs are evil. She’s miserable, bless her. Settling her this evening has been really difficult and it’s breaking my heart. It’s different for all babies though. I’ve heard of some that don’t even wake up while it’s done! I had to hold Iris still while she screamed. Not nice at all. You don’t need a running partner love, the ‘couch to 5k’ app is amazing! I hope you’re feeling good and Toby is well. xx


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