Shoes Made of Jelly

I think we’ll kick this off with something a bit less serious!

I’ve got a real thing about jelly shoes. I’m addicted. I own 3 pairs of these things now, and have insisted the kids, my sister and my niece all have them and wear them too. I’m forever recommending them to people and I wear mine almost every day. Can somebody please buy me the flouro yellow ones?

Sun Jellies!

photo 2

Aren’t they pretty?

I wear them in the sea, in the river, to walk Seb, to parties. I even wore them into hospital to give birth. I hate it when it’s cold and I can’t wear them!

photo 3

I’ve even considered wearing odd shoes when I’m having difficulty deciding which pair to wear, but wasn’t brave enough to leave the house like this!

photo 1

There’s only one thing I like wearing more than jelly shoes, and that is….

photo 4


Ok, I’m probably just trying to relive my childhood, but these things really are amazing. In the last few weeks of pregnancy we had some kind of crazy heat wave and my stupid feet and ankles were swollen to the size of melons. They hurt like crazy but I still needed to get out and Seb the dog still needed to be walked. Everybody said ‘wear flip flops!’ but that weird scrunchy thing you need to do with your toes to keep flip flops on just wasn’t working for me. Jelly shoes were the only things I could put near my feet without wanting to cut the stupid swollen things off, and I could wear them all day without them hurting. Actually, there’s no reason I would try to relive my jelly-shoe-wearing childhood, because I only ever had cheap ones from beach side shops as a kid and they shredded my poor little feet to pieces. Blisters and plasters don’t really mix with splashing in the sea. Sun Jellies are soft and stretchy and super duper comfortable, even when they’re full of sand!

The only problem with them, as I said before, is sometimes it just isn’t warm enough for sandals. But I think I’ve found a way around that little problem. Yesterday I discovered Skimpies jelly boots! They’re made of transparent jelly, and you style them up by wearing colourful socks underneath. HOW COOL IS THAT? They’re also having a sale so I have of course ordered a lovely yellow pair and some colourful socks too. How exciting! We’re off camping in a couple of weeks in North Wales. It’s going to rain, lets face it. These things will be perfect.

So now I have jelly shoes for all weather! Yay!

*I just love jelly shoes. Nobody asked me to write this or paid me for it in anyway.*


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